6. June 2017 MM

Appointment of Bent Johnsen as CEO for EMPERRA®


EMPERRA®, specializing in digital health solutions for people living with diabetes, has appointed Mr. Bent Johnsen as Managing Director and CEO. 

Mr. Johnsen, a Danish national, has an extensive international career in the health care sector and has lived and worked in multiple countries within Europe and the USA.  Mr. Johnsen has held several executive leadership positions within the field of diabetes working for a global insulin manufacturing company as well as with other global medical device companies. Furthermore, Mr. Johnsen has comprehensive experience in working with smaller growth companies and has formerly served as both CEO and a board member for medical device companies.

Dr. Klaus Stöckemann, Chairman of the Board of EMPERRA® and Managing Partner of Peppermint Venture Partners explains: “It is a great pleasure to welcome Mr. Johnsen as the new CEO of EMPERRA®.” His solid international management experience is seen as very valuable at this stage where EMPERRA® is progressing rapidly to make the innovative digital health diabetes management system ESYSTA® broadly available both in Germany and internationally.”

Mr. Johnsen, CEO of EMPERRA® commented; “I am very excited about the ESYSTA® solution and its benefits for patients, doctors and nurses.” Mr. Johnsen continues: “The ESYSTA® system is truly a disruptive digital system providing data and guidance to both patients and doctors, supporting better treatment by using algorithms. It’s the most comprehensive system available on the market. It’s a proven platform which also enables implementation of new payment models based on outcomes – which is of greater interest to health insurers. I’m looking forward to expanding this concept within our own organization or via strategic partners.”

The founder and inventor of the ESYSTA® system Dr. Janko Schildt continues: “I’m impatient to get the system out in the hands of more people with diabetes since I, as a medical doctor, know the big difference it can make”. “The ESYSTA® system is already available in Germany and has proven to provide an effective digital solution to diabetes management enhancing the outcome of the prescribed therapy for patients with both type one and in particular the many type two diabetics. I will put my efforts behind the continuation of the development of EMPERRA® as a digital frontrunner in the diabetes arena – together with our customers and partners.”

Mr. Johnsen is succeeding Dr. Christian Krey as CEO, who has decided to pursue new opportunities and will be leaving the company by the end of June 2017. The Board of EMPERRA® thanks Dr. Krey for his contribution in launching ESYSTA®, the world first digitally connected insulin pen and blood glucose monitoring system on the German market.

About Emperra

EMPERRA® is a digital health and medical device start-up company, based in Potsdam, Germany offering innovative digital solutions in the diabetes field. In its ESYSTA® system, EMPERRA® combines innovative software with ground-breaking hardware, such as the first digitally connected insulin pen, and integrates these components into a digital medically proven solution for patients, doctors, care givers and relatives. The ESYSTA® system is available and reimbursed in Germany. It is also the first digital diabetes system to obtain additional reimbursement for software and e-health services in selected contracts.


Bent Johnsen
EMPERRA® GmbH E-Health Technologies
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Dr. Klaus Stöckemann
Managing Partner
Peppermint Venture Partners