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Emperra Wins Prestigious Award With Innovative Diabetes Device

London. Emperra GmbH E-Health Technologies was announced Business Worldwide Magazine’s (BWM) 2016 Company of the Year Award/Medical Device Industry Europe for its innovative diabetes management system. The device, known as ESYSTA® combines modern hardware (a blood glucose meter and insulin pen) with intelligent software in order to allow data to transfer automatically from patient to doctor (such as blood glucose readings, insulin dosage and carbohydrate intake). The doctor can then gain access to the information online and advise on any necessary alterations with the result that the patient’s diabetes management is considerably improved.

The ESYSTA® system has already proven successful in Germany where it was first launched and now the company are eagerly awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) in order to bring it to US markets next year.

Emperra CEO Christian Krey thanked the BWM judges for choosing his company as winner of the Award. He added: “We are delighted to be recognised in this way and hope it is an indication of how others in the global medical and business community will see our ESYSTA® system.” Krey believes Emperra’s success is down to the fact that their product provides an all-encompassing solution to diabetes control in that it considers an individual’s lifestyle and capability, as well as their illness.

He added: “Most companies only come up with part of the solution, such as blood glucose readings, software solutions, or coaching. Currently there’s no smart insulin pen on the market that can be downloaded wirelessly to get important information about insulin dosing. And that’s where we come in, by offering the whole range of therapy information, the type which would normally be collected by the patient themselves. ”

Krey went on to state that surveys show up to 60 per cent of individuals with diabetes fail to reach their glucose targets, and poor monitoring is one reason. This leads to secondary complications which in turn affect the patient’s quality of life and prove a cost burden on society in terms of health care.

A spokesman for BWM said the panel were impressed with the imaginative system itself and the energy of the team behind the company. They were also aware of the certain improvements that the device would bring to the daily lives of millions of diabetes sufferers around the globe.

“Emperra GmbH E-Health Technologies were outright winners of our Company of the Year Award for the Medical Device Industry” he said. “We hope that this accolade and the company’s achievements to date will go on to inspire others in a similar position within the same field.”

More information on the ESYSTA system and the work of Emperra GmbH E-Health Technologies can be found at the website http://www.emperra.com

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