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Emperra Wins the 2017 Game Changers Award for Digital Business Models


Emperra GmbH, a start-up company based in Potsdam, Germany, has received the Finance Monthly’s 2017 Game Changers Award. The award is honouring Emperra for its new digital business models, which – based on innovative hardware – enable business revenue to be generated from digital solutions. The 2017 Game Changers Awards honour the innovation and strategic vision of a number of globally recognised specialists across a number of different industrial sectors.

The development of novel interlinked devices for managing diabetes was preceded by digital solutions. The easy-to-operate product system is made up of an insulin pen which enables the injection of every insulin type in 3ml insulin cartridges from Lilly®, Novo Nordisk®, Sanofi® und Berlin-Chemie®. Both the pen as well as the embedded blood glucose meter connect automatically to a transmission unit which uses mobile communication to file data onto a secure server. Diabetics not using a mobile phone or a personal computer can therefore also make their data available to their GP without having to use any special software to do this. Their electronic “diabetes diary” provides the GP with a complete and objective database to use as a basis in treatment optimisation.

The Game Changers Award is therefore now distinguishing a concept which extends far beyond the usual potential reimbursement for the costs of the hardware: Emperra is already receiving remuneration from two contracts with large health insurance companies for the secure transmission of patient data to the doctor. In addition to this, special employees at Emperra are allowed to view the treatment data and to contact the patients, if necessary, to offer support in implementing the treatment. Emperra also receives further remuneration for this coaching. Emperra is thus going the full therapeutic circle, ranging from the collection and transfer of data to the evaluation and use of the data in treatment optimisation.

“Instead of the standard care we’ve known up to now only using aids, the health insurance companies are, for the first time ever, reimbursing a full telemedical solution with proven medicinal benefits in the scope of diabetology”, according to Dr Christian Krey, CEO of Emperra. “This acknowledges that both doctor and patient work with the data to optimise treatment”, added Dr Janko Schildt, himself a doctor and also managing director of Emperra. “Especially when it comes to using digitalised, nearly seamless collected monitoring data and the adjustments made to the treatment as a result of this, metabolic adjustment can be improved and the risk of secondary diseases reduced. This is in not an emergency system, but presents an individually applicable aid in dealing with treatment on a daily basis.” Upon an initial evaluation of the data, particularly a reduction in long-term blood glucose levels (HbA1c) was able to be demonstrated and less hospital and emergency treatments for diabetes mellitus documented.

Before the decision was made, experts at Finance Monthly had carried out a thorough assessment process. Amongst other things, the criteria for being accredited for the Game Changers Award includes sales growth, positive trends in difficult economic times in the industrial sectors, expansion into new markets, new products and services or innovative business models.

Emperra has been offering the world’s first insulin pen with Bluetooth® technology since 2016. “The Bluetooth-enabled insulin pen and corresponding software appeals to patients who prefer the latest technical solutions with mobile devices and who want to use the data for their own self-management”, says Dr Christian Krey.

About Emperra GmbH E-Health Technologies

Emperra GmbH E-Health Technologies is a research and development-focused medical technology start-up company from Potsdam, Germany, that offers innovative concepts and solutions in the fields of e-health technology and tele-diabetology. In its ESYSTA® system, Emperra combines innovative software with ground-breaking hardware and integrates these into a medical and scientific concept aimed at providing doctors, patients, carers and relatives with telemedicine-based product systems.


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